3 Reasons for you to create online courses today

You may have done some online course, or at least seen a video on YouTube about how to do something. Me for instance, whenever I need to see the video of how to tie (on average twice a year).

Every day number of people who prefer online courses, than making classroom courses is growing and this can be an opportunity for you, your business or the company you work for.
Here are 3 reasons for you to create your online course today:

Generate Leads and Develop Your Customers

A great way to generate leads (potential customers) for your business or service is launching courses and webinars (or webinar) and integrate their online courses with a software platform for marketing automation.

Here at eadBox we integrate our courses Academy (academia.eadbox.com) with the RD Station software.

Every month we launched webinars and new free online courses and each new student in our online courses becomes a potential customer and therefore, he will be treated with our marketing.

After we begin to launch free online courses the number of new customers grew exceptionally well at Eadbox. In addition, customers who studied and certified themselves in our courses, were excellent users of our product. These customers loved our product, recommended to others and would not give up the projects.
Create your own online courses or webinar, start simple and small and grow day by day, and see the number of customers increasing every month.

“”6 Tendências Para O E-Learning Corporativo””

“””7 Dicas Para Engajamento de Estudantes no E-Learning””

Gain followers

When you create and launch an online course you position yourself as an authority, you become a trendsetter and people will start following you.

Who said opinion makers are only teachers, journalists and critics?

You can become a trendsetter, whenever you know anything. Usually people are interested in a subject and go to  deep into it. You can become an authority in this area starting to generate content (articles, videos, webinars and online courses) right now.

Oh, do not forget! With your online courses, you will be exposed and you may receive negative or positive reviews.

So roll up your sleeves of the shirt because you have much work ahead!

Monetizing your online courses

Do you have a website, blog, consulting or followers on your social network? Why not make money with  your know-how and your audience?

Creating and selling online courses is an excellent strategy.

Create quickly your online courses, where the cost of creation can be very low. You can even make your own course.

With that in mind, we separate some materials and courses that you can download and that will help you with your project.